Video Website a Game-changer

Web Marketing "Game-Changer"

Rarely is there something that happens in the local real estate market that
has the possibility to "change everything."  RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village
made an announcement this week that just may prove to have such
significance.  The launching of its new and most innovative website - just may prove to change the way people find Hot
Springs Village Arkansas in the future.

"The Internet has changed the way business is done in real estate," said
Jeff Hollansworth.  "According to the National Association of Realtors,
upwards of 92% of people now utilize the Internet for searching properties
and their real estate agency.  And, while RE/MAX has the number #1 real
estate franchise web-site in the nation (ranked by total visitors and hits - it's incumbent on a local agency to personalize things for the
community where they reside.

"Since most of our buyers come from 49 other states, we wanted a web
experience that would put a prospective Village right in the middle of our
great community. We determined the only way to do that was with full-color
videos that would feature all the many amenities the Village has to offer.
Consequently, is a site featuring fresh videos
depicting Village lakes, trails, tennis, golf, real estate and the list goes

"We chose Aristotle Corp. in Little Rock to build our new site," said
Hollansworth.  "They were the most expensive company but their quality and
ability to place RE/MAX at the top of a web-search made them the best choice
in our estimation.  We also now have the latest technology which allows to be viewed easily on i-phones and i-pads.  Most
competitor websites don't display well on the new smaller screens that so
many customers now utilize when searching property."

"After a year in the making, we are so pleased to announce this important
"launch".  No longer will potential new residents of the Village have to
look at a boring, static website to get their information.  RE/MAX will be
showing the excitement of Village life in a way that is colorful, compelling
and will attract potential home-buyers like never before."